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Ex Special Forces, Luke is also a highly qualified expert Dog Trainer and handler. What this means is that because of his unique qualifications at dog handling and canine behaviour, all of our doggy guests look to him as top dog.

This creates a feeling of trust with all of our guests as they naturally follow Luke. Add to that our zero tolerance of anti-social behaviour and the fact that we keep them active and stimulated for the duration of the Farm Trip, the dogs are 100% focused purely on having FUN all day and nothing else!

Just ask the owners of dogs who come to stay – Their dogs go crazy with excitement at the mere mention of Luke’s name!

Recently we have created a full training program for you to apply to your dog at home. You can join the Training Academy on YouTube where we will take you through step by step how to train yourself and your dog to have better communication and a deeper relationship.

Dog training. Dog day care in Sydney. Overnight and holiday stays and much more.

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