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Why choose us

Hi, we’re Luke and Sam and we run Doggy Day Care Farm Trips along with our three little humans Elle, Evie & Wolfric and our three dogs Tilly (Red Heeler), Joey (Kelpie) and Cutie Pie (Pug) – with a special mention of Wallace (Labrador X), Charlie (Beagle X) who we lost in recent years.

Our team are dedicated to caring for our doggy guests and giving them the best day of their lives, every day. 

We strive to create the worlds best dog resort and create an environment to bring the personality out of every dog. Check us out on YouTube for the full Doggy Daycare Farm Trips experience

We believe all dogs are farm dogs at heart

We believe in giving dogs the chance to be real dogs for the day with a true Australian Farm experience. Our 32 acre, fully enclosed Farm has a purpose built playground and custom swimming dam. It has been designed with a focus on providing city dogs with the Australia’s best, most active, day care facility in a safe and supervised environment on a REAL FARM.

Not only do the dogs have free range of the playground all day, but they also have the opportunity to try their paw at a number of dog sports and Farm Activities throughout the day.

These activities encourage confidence building and socialisation which makes for better behaved and socially aware dogs.

  • Treibball
  • Water herding 
  • Lure coursing
  • Agility & dock jumping
  • Bush hunting 
  • Pack socialisation time
  • Birthday parties
  • Fetch and other retriever activities
  • and much more…

Whether you’ve got a Kelpie or a Cocker Spaniel, we believe all dogs are Farm dogs at heart, and a trip to the Farm is giving your dog the best day of their life.​

Luke's story on why we created doggy heaven...

We’ve often been asked how The Farm came about. You can watch Luke’s story here.

Over the years the farm has grown into something even bigger. With hundreds of thousands of Farm Fans on Facebook and YouTube we now try to share a slice of the joy with the rest of the world.

We often get visited by media and TV shows to come check out what we are doing. Recently we have taken on the responsibility of re-training and re-socialising some abandoned shelter dogs.

The joy and success we’ve had at helping these dogs is one of the many reasons we continue to improve The Farm every day.

Don't miss all the fun from the farm

We post multiple videos from the farm every day. Check out our dock diving championships, birthday pawties, special events, behind the scenes and so much more.


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