Swimming at the Farm

At the Farm we have two purpose built dams and one huge 260,000 litre competition standard magnesium pool for all our furry guests to enjoy.

Swimming is the perfect activity for dogs young or old, and the best thing about water sports at the Farm is that the water is clean! We also have buoyancy vests and harnesses available so that all dogs can enjoy the benefits of a swim on a warm day.

Watch the clips below to check out our fantastic pool and Cooper’s amazing swimming lessons.

Australia’s largest Magnesium Pool for dogs

Our huge magnesium pool has become a big hit at the Farm. It’s built with a competition level dock diving platform with non slip ramps for dogs of all ages and sizes.

The water is filtered and treated with magnesium. While playing, dog’s absorb magnesium through the skin which helps their muscles to relax. It also aids in reducing inflammation and stress while being gentle on eyes and sensitive skin.

Magnesium also is essential for regulation of nerve transmission, cardiac health, blood pressure, joint health and more.

Check out the pool

Hydrotherapy and private swimming sessions

If you think your dog could benefit from a private swimming lesson or swim/hydrotherapy sessions then you can sign up for a 30 minute private session.

Please Note: Private sessions are only available to our Day Care guests during their farm trip. At this stage we can’t offer swimming sessions to dogs who are not attending a Farm Day.

These sessions are additional to the group swim sessions we conduct every day. They are designed for any level of swimmer from beginner to advance.

We’ll assess your dogs level and then build a session to suit. Whether that be an introduction to water to grow confidence or challenging dock diving and retrieval games.

Cooper the Mini Labradoodle’s progression through 3 swimming lessons

How to train and prepare your dog for boarding

If you feel you’re going to worry about how homesick your dog will be check out this article. You’ll never have to worry about your dog with us because we pride ourselves on a safe and welcoming family environment.