Overnight and holiday stays

Exclusive to regular Farm Trippers, we offer overnight and holiday stays on the Farm. And, to ensure the best attention and care, we only take in a few dogs at a time as they’ll be living with us in our own home – We like to think of it as Australia’s most luxurious Doggy Day Care.

Overnight and holiday stays are so much fun and an extension to a whole day on the Farm. Your dogs will spend time in a familiar place with a family you and they already know. This will give you peace of mind knowing they’re going to have a wonderful time. It’s probably the most homey overnight dog day care in Sydney.

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Your dog becomes part of our family

Your dog will be loved and treated like one of our own – cuddles on hand and all the comforts of an Evans’ family Farm life.

There’ll be no time to miss you or be bored when they stay with us. During the week they’ll go on all day Farm Trips with all their mates playing games, swimming running, racing, chasing, wrestling, lure coursing, agility and lots more!

On weekends and holiday periods they’ll get to play in the Farm playground and hang out with our family experiencing life on the Farm first hand.

We only take dogs who’ve passed our assessment and are regular Farm Trippers. They need to be well socialised and have no behavioural issues. This is to ensure a pleasant and safe environment for all our dog daycare and boarding guests.

You won’t need to travel anywhere different to drop off your dog for a holiday at the Farm. You just meet us at your usual pick up point and they travel up to the farm and back like they always do on a Farm Trip.

To holiday at the Farm, all guests need to be regular or casual farm trippers and be assessed for suitability. Assessment is required because the dogs are cared for in our home with our family. We conduct assessments when your dog comes for farm visits before their stay (minimum of 4 visits required).

If you’re interested in having your dog stay overnight at the Farm or for a holiday please get in contact to start process. If your dog is a regular at the Farm then you can get in touch with us directly or use the form below.

Stress free for you. Luxury for your dog.

Our 5 star suites offer more creature comforts than your dog could ever hope for.

Wallace’s Den – Named after our old boy Wallace the Lab X Spaniel.

Wallace’s Den is the perfect place to relax after a big day at the Farm. It’s perfect for the dog  who likes a nap on the sofa or a spot of reading in the evening.

Sweet Flo’s Suite – Named after our sweet friend Flo the Pug.

Flo’s Suite is just as sweet as she was with accents of her very favourite colour pink. A true farm girl at heart and above the bed rests her most favourite thing of all, Luke’s old hat. Welcome to Sweet Flo’s Suite!

Charlie’s Cabin – Named after our boy Charlie the Beagle X Spaniel.

Charlie is a passionate hunter and when he wants a break he retreats to his cabin in the woods. It’s a cosy hideaway ideal for hunting talk with all his possum-hunting, bunny-sniffing farm friends.

Tilly’s Ranch – Named after our girl Tilly the Red Cattle Dog.

Tilly is a hard working, red headed cow girl and this room is her slice of luxury to escape to after a hard days play. It’s a taste of country life for any farm girl or boy.

Regular Farm Fans

Booked in permanently
several times per week





Peak periods*


Weekly Farm Trippers

Booked in permanently
once per week





Peak periods*


Prices are per day. All bookings include food, play and transport**

*Peak periods are as per school holiday dates and public holidays, including each day of long weekends. **There are no discounts if you provide your own food or own pick up/drop off

Please note that holiday and overnight stays are only available to REGULAR farm trippers. If you are interested in becoming a regular please enrol here.

    All our overnight and holiday guests receive premium grade dog food. We have a Vet and  Dog Nutritionist who advises us on the right diet for active dogs. If your dog is used to a Raw diet we implement a raw diet for them also. We also have high quality Ziwi kibble diet for If those who prefer a kibble diet.

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