Farm Trips

Is it right for your dog?

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Doggy Day Care Farm Trips are good for all breeds, and are especially popular with owners of dogs living in city apartments.

It’s perfect for dogs who

  • Love socialising with other dogs
  • Love running and playing at the park
  • Don’t get out of the city much

It’s great for dog owners who

  • Want to give their dog a real country dog experience
  • Love their dog so much they want them to have fun ALL day
  • Need all-day day care
  • Want a more natural day care experience for their dog
  • Want to break up the week with something different

It really is the best dog day care in Sydney!

There’s limited seats on the doggy bus available everyday so be quick and book your Farm Trip today. There is no other dog day care and boarding servicing Sydney quite like it.

We guarantee every dog will get lots of exercise and stimulation. There’s lots of new experiences, games and activities, plus new farm smells. They’ll also get lots of friendly, positive socialisation while having truckloads of fun!

Doggy Day Care Farm Trips are great for dogs of all sizes. Book your trip today!

How do all the dogs get along?

While we have never had a fight at the farm we have had dogs show signs of anti-social behaviour. This can be overly rough play, an aggressive bark or even a nip while chasing for a ball.

The secret to our success and our overall approach to aggression is focused on prevention.

We have three ways we approach prevention:

  • Strict assessment for new comers
  • Guidance/Training all through the day 
  • Structured Activities.

Our strict assessment begins before the dog comes to the farm. You give us all the information in your enrolment forms. this includes their behavioural history and social experience.

If a dog passes this initial stage, they are then assessed again on their first day at the farm. First day assessment begins before the dog enters the yard, by asking the dog to acknowledge that we exist.

We ask the dog to sit and look at us. This happens at the bus pickup, on arrival and at the gate to the playgound.

This test may seem small but a dog that refuses to sit and look at us in a calm environment will not listen to us when there’s so much excitement happening! Dogs can fail this test.

If a dog passes then they closely observed on the rest of their visit and any anti social behaviours like nipping, growling, snapping, mounting, pinning, biting, mouthing with pressure, rough play that may escalate, nose punching, chest bumping, hunting or jockeying with interruption to another dog’s play, dominance, anti social behaviour, and simply harassing other dogs will result in a fail. Depending on the behaviour the dog may be isolated and the owner asked to collect.

In addition to a strict assessment we also invest a lot of time in training and guidance. Every day we teach and reiterate the rules. We do this by talking to the dogs all day, using warning tones for unwanted behaviour and praise for following the rules. Dogs that break the rules are told with a stern ‘no’ and their play is interrupted with training and/or time out.

Dogs are taught that Luke is pack leader and we follow as a pack. We do this through guidance and fun. Luke is the bearer of fun activities. We also teach the dogs to focus on the activities we’ve created, and not on each other.

Often at a dog park dogs are left to wrestle and make up their own fun. We don’t discourage dogs playing with each other but to avoid rough play (which can create bad habits and escalate) and boredom, we have a schedule of activities that are based on what the dogs love. The dogs focus their energy on the activities and not each other.

That’s why we don’t have fights!

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