Farm trips

What’s a Farm Trip?

Doggy Day Care Farm Trips is the #1 top rated day care for dogs in Australia. You simply won’t find any experience like it.

In the morning we pick up your dog from one of our Sydney park locations and take them on an all day Farm Trip to our custom built doggy wonderland on our 32 acre farm. Then we drop them back to you in the evening.

No other day care for dogs offers

  • A full day of outdoor play and activities
  • At a real 32 acre farm
  • With 2 dams
  • Australia’s largest magnesium pool for dogs
  • And 1 huge custom designed playground
  • Plus activities and games like treibball, water herding, lure coursing, agility & dock jumping! (Barn Hunting and Sheep herding coming soon!)

It’s only 25 mins North of Sydney, and dogs have the space to be real dogs for the day.

The Farm Trips are an active outdoor experience for your dog unlike the usual indoor day care centres in Sydney.

Your dog will have loads of fun and exercise, returning home positively tired and truly content from the full day Farm Trip.

We run daily Farm Trips from Sydney every weekday. Plus offer overnight and holiday stays to our regular Farm Trippers.

Some of the activities on offer

Water Herding
Get large floating balls out of the dam

Tyre Chasing
Sprint running across the farm

Timeless classic for all dogs

Herding large balls into goals

Lure Coursing
Dogs chase a coloured lure in a crazy course across the farm

Running, leaping and catching for high energy farm dogs

Flirt Pole
Jumping and chasing exercise for improved agility

Swimming & Fetch
Endless fun and exercise for water dogs

Bubble Chasing
Good exercise and great photos

Hay Bale Climbing
For curious dogs who like to hunt hidden treats

A huge network of agility obstacles across the farm

There’s so many daily activities on the farm to keep all dogs exercised, entertained and happy.

Whether you’ve got a Pug, a Kelpie, or a Cocker Spaniel, we believe all dogs are Farm dogs at heart, and a trip to the Farm is giving your dog the best day of their life.

Don't miss all the fun from the farm.

We post multiple videos from the farm every day. Check out our dock diving championships, birthday pawties, special events, behind the scenes and so much more.


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