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To help make your dog’s visit the best it can be we ask all our guests to fill out our detailed profile form. This is the first part of our Assessment process. This screening process is to ensure we create a safe and stress free environment for all dogs at the Farm. This is our number one priority.

Farm Trips are not suitable for every dog and we are unlike any other day care. We run a pack of 30-40 dogs playing exciting but also intense activities. For this reason we are strict on assessment.

We do not allow: nipping, growling, snapping, mounting, pinning, biting, mouthing with pressure, nose punching, hunting or any rough play that may escalate into something more. We also don’t allow jockeying or harassing that interrupts another dog’s play.

If your dog exhibits these behaviours then they’re not suitable for the farm. Your dog will be shadowed closely by a qualified trainer on their assessment day and if they show these behaviours they will be failed in their assessment. They may be isolated for the remainder of the day and no refund shall be given. We strongly urge you to consider how your dog behaves in groups before enrolling for The Farm. If you’d like to know more read this page.

We are currently full but are still taking enrolments for the second stage of assessment.  This waiting list is for regular weekly Farm Trip positions. We no longer have availability for one-off casual bookings.

If you want to enrol for a regular weekly position, please fill out the following enrolment form as accurately as you can. Please note overnight and holiday stays are only offered to dogs that regularly come to the farm and have been assessed.

Enrolments are currently closed. Sorry for any inconvenience

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    Day of the week:MondayTuesdayWednesdayThursdayFriday

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    Pick-up and Drop-off locations

    Local drop-off at The FarmCentennial Park 6.45am-6.45pmAnzac Avenue Park, Cammeray 7.10am-6.10pmWilloughby Park, McLelland Street 7.40am-5.40pmLionel Watts Oval, Belrose 8.05am-5.20pmClaude Cameron Grove, Wahroonga 8.40am-4.45pmJilliby Cemetery, Jilliby Road 9.45am-3.45pm

    For Western Sydney Pack (every second Thursday)

    Local drop-off at The FarmDan Mahoney Reserve, Parramatta 6.45am-5.45pmKings School, Pennant Hills Road 7.15am-5.30pmHeaden Park, Thornleigh 7.50am-5.00pmClaude Cameron Grove/Wahroonga Park, Wahroonga 8.10am-4.45pmJilliby Cemetery, Jilliby Road 9.45am-3.45pm

    Nominated pick-up person if you are not doing so


    Do you grant us permission to allow your dog to go swimming in the dam or pool? YesNo

    Do you grant us permission to give your dog treats/snack whilst in our care? YesNo

    Feeding requirements

    Does your dog have any specific feeding requirements or needs?

    Medications or health conditions

    Does your dog have any specific health or medical requirements?

    General information

    Behavioural observations

    A Farm Trip is a day full of excitement and energy. We only take dogs who’ve passed this initial enrolment assessment and then an onsite assessment on their first few visits. We look at their sociability and behaviour to ensure a pleasant and safe environment for all our Farm Trippers.

    How has your dog been socialised? Please detail what regular encounters your dog has with other dogs.

    How often are they socialised? Daily, weekly, only during boarding, none

    Does your dog have any behavioural issues we should be aware of?

    Does your dog suffer from anxiety issues? What behaviour does your dog show when they’re anxious?.

    What style of play does your dog engage in when at an off leash park or socialising with other dogs? Ball chaser, dog chaser, mouthing play, rough play, other (please outline)

    Has your dog had formal training? Please outline what type of training, what level and what trainer/institute

    Has your dog ever been in a fight? Please outline the incident

    How would you describe your dog’s responsiveness to commands and tasks under distraction? Ie. if your dog was engaged in play how would they respond if you told them to stop?

    Has your dog ever shown any of the following behaviours?




    Ball aggression

    Food aggression


    Additional notes

    Behaviour around children

    How is your dog’s behaviour around children?

    Terms and Conditions

    1. All dogs to be fully immunised: C5

    2. We will take every precaution to ensure your pet has a happy and safe stay, but Doggy Daycare Farm Trips will not accept responsibility for Canine Influenza, loss/escapes, illness or any kind of injury/ies.

    3. In the event that it is necessary for the proprietors of Doggy Daycare Farm Trips to seek veterinary assistance without the consent of the client who may be unavailable to provide such consent, then the client agrees that the cost of any procedure undertaken as a result will be their full and financial responsibility.

    4. Payments are non-refundable, except under exceptional circumstances and at the sole discretion of Doggy Daycare Farm Trips.

    5. Doggy Daycare Farm Trips reserve the right to refuse any animal and no reason shall be given.

    6. Photos and videos taken during farm trips are the intellectual property of Doggy Daycare Farm Trips. We reserve the right to use them as necessary.

    7. The client specifically represents that he or she is the sole owner of the pet/s free and clear of all liens and encumbrances


    • Farm Trips cost $90 per dog per trip.

    • Home pick ups are $15 each way. Home pick ups are LIMITED TO OUR TRAVEL ROUTE ONLY to minimise travel time for dogs.

    • For First Day Assessments we accept eftpos or cash. After the first day we require direct debit payments which we'll organise once assessment is complete.

    Thank you for fillling out our booking form. Please click the Submit button below and we'll be in contact shortly to confirm your booking.