Rescue and rehabilitation for shelter dogs

We have transitioned from a Dog Day Care to a rescue and rehabilitation centre for shelter dogs. 

Learn along with our training videos to help you & your dog learn how to have better communication.

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How you can support dogs in need

The Farm is not just about training shelter dogs. It’s a magical place where dogs can simply be dogs. We’ve invested in custom built facilities for dogs to have fun as part of their rehabilitation and socialisation.

From a huge dock diving sports pool, a big swimming dam, private bush land with walking tracks, quad bike pack runs, camping and treasure hunts. 

We’ve created a space for dogs to interact with each other and become social creatures again – a place to free the mind, body and spirit.

We raise funds via YouTube and private training lessons to cover the costs for the shelter dog’s accomodations, food, and medical bills. We don’t ‘sell’ dogs. We are not a rescue organisation. All adoptions respectfully go through the rescues we work with. 

We are simply a family donating our farm facilities and professional resources (trained staff) to do our bit for rescue. 

If you’d like to help support a dog in need you can subscribe to our channel on YouTube and watch our videos or by buying some merchandise in the farm shop!

If you’d like to make a donation you can click below to be taken directly to our donation page. Every little bit helps a dog in need.

The Farm is our family home, on 32 acres, built specially for dogs.

Once a dog day care (Doggy Daycare Farm Trips) for city dogs, it is now not only home to our own pack of 5 humans and 12 dogs (we foster fail A LOT), it’s also a home away from home for our past day care dogs anytime they ever need.

Importantly, since COVID, it has become a place of sanctuary and rehabilitation for rescue dogs who have been previously let down by humans. Our goal is now to rehabilitate and find forever homes for these dogs in need.

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Looking back on
where it all began

During COVID we had to make some very big decisions to keep the farm open. Youc an watch the video to look back at where we began with the original shelter dogs that came to the farm.

Thank you for all your support 💚

Freddo the Rottweiler: from unwanted to most wanted

This one is a little bit extra special for us. Freddo the Rottweiler is 7 years old and had been surrendered several times, living a lot of his life in pounds. 

He’d shut down and wasn’t letting anyone in. And his behaviour wasn’t helping him find or stay in a home.

Even at the end of his training, no one was coming forward for Freddo. But the universe had a special plan for Freddo.

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You can help save a dog's life

Help support a dog in need by subscribing to our channel on YouTube and watching our videos.  If you’d like to make a donation you can click below to be taken directly to our donation page. Every little bit helps a dog in need.